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jm.almeras (01-29-10, 11:36 AM)

I am sorting out music files, and I need a player where i can have a very
simple display : the list of filenames which i have enqueued in the file
list, and perhaps the classic player buttons at the top or at the bottom.
With WMP it seems impossible to display the filenames, and to get rid of
certain parts of the screen.
I tried the Helpfile, and the FAQ on the MS site, but no success
Can anyone help, or point to me a simple online user manual ?
Thank you
Jaime (01-29-10, 07:32 PM)
Right-click on a column heading in the Library and pick "Choose Columns".
You then can display the filename as a column and hide (or display) others.
ign (01-30-10, 03:24 PM)
If u can install & run WMP 10 all your problems are over - got to be the best
version of WMP.

There are other media players available, i have creative mediasource 3 [CM3]
(which i can use the remote with the usb sound card) and CM5, and Realplayer
V10, which all display filelists/libraries etc with what u'd expect as common

Hope this helps

On Fri, 29 Jan 2010 10:36:06 +0100, "jm.almeras" <jm.almeras> wrote:
jm.almeras (01-30-10, 06:40 PM)
I think i will go for another media player than WMP
thanks to Jaime and ign for your advice

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