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GG (04-08-08, 11:42 PM)
Just upgrade my T-Mobile MDA Vario II (HTC TyTN) to WM6 and have lost MSN
messenger. Contacted T-Mobile who said that Microsoft decided not to
distribute messenger with WM6 and I should contact them. The Windows Mobile
page has info on Live Messenger but no link to download.

Anyone know if / where I can get messenger for WM6? I'd rather not use the
web interface.

Tariq Bamadhaj (04-20-08, 12:25 AM)
That's not true. Microsoft gave Messenger to T-Mobile but it was T-Mobile who
decided to remove it.

However, not all is lost.

There is a freeware called Palringo which you can use to access your MSN
Messenger (as well as a few other popular IMs). Another application that you
might want to check out is Mundu IM though that is a commercial product.

Hope that helps.
GG (04-25-08, 09:01 PM)
Thanks for that. Who'd have thought TMobile would lie ;)

I reverted to Fring which is fine for I.M. (though not for talk).


"Tariq Bamadhaj" wrote:
Tariq Bamadhaj (04-26-08, 01:23 AM)
Well I would not say they were lying because a lot of the Customer Service
Reps from many companies are not really aware of their products.
Glen Roberts (07-21-08, 01:13 PM)
Why don't you just download the Windows Live Messenger cab and install it??
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