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Paul (08-12-04, 07:28 PM)
We have been trying to use remote access to Solomon
through Remote Desktop but have not had much success. We
keep getting error 6908 when manifesting. We've tried on
several different host machines.

I understand that Terminal Server is the only "officially"
recognized remote access method for Solomon, but why would
the system care if remote desktop was used? I would think
that none of the Solomon files run on the remote machine.

Unfortunately, we only have one employee who needs remote
access, so Terminal Server is not a viable alternative.
Other remoting solutions like GoToMyPC might be an
alternative, but they tend to run a lot slower.

Does anyone know why error 6908 would be such an issue on
remote desktop?

Any help is appreciated,
Paul (08-12-04, 07:40 PM)
The problem is occurring on the shipment confirmation
screen, not manifesting as I indicated in the first post.
SOXcom (08-13-04, 02:51 AM)
what is the OS of the machine that Solomon is running on?

"Paul" wrote:
SOXcom (08-13-04, 02:55 AM)
Sorry for being inane, but it looks like your running Solomon on WinXP, what
are the permissions of the person logging in on remote desktop?

"SOXcom" wrote:
Paul (08-13-04, 07:09 PM)
They have adequate permissions to log in through remote
desktop, and also permissions in Solomon.

We keep getting the error that "another user has updated
the record" which then cancels the changes made.
Unfortunately this is happening while manifesting, so it
closes the manifest and we can't re-enter. It seems like
the other user is usually process manager.

I ran a profile, and it looks like the transaction batches
are being rolled back at the database level when trying to
insert into SOShipPack. The application name on the
transaction is 4011500. The batch contains the following

Begin transaction
Update SOSHipHeader
Close Cursor
Open Cursor
Insert SOShipPack
Insert SOShipPack (second line item)
Rollback transaction

Also, it looks like this is happening on shippers that
contain line items which were partially shipped on other
shippers (i.e. there is a qty in the QtyPrevShip column in

I'm stumped.

Paul (08-17-04, 02:38 AM)
That might be the issue. I didn't realize that remote
desktop had a different security model than the other
remote products. I wanted to go with Remote Desktop since
it gives better perfmance than the other options.

I'll see if I can work around the permissions issue and go
with an alternative if it doesn't work.

Thanks a lot for your help.
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