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Karim434 (05-28-08, 07:31 PM)
Dear Sir/Madam,

I have handheld PC, specifically an O2 XDA Exec a.k.a. Qtek9000 a.k.a. HTC
Universal, which runs Windows Mobile 5.

The other day the device developed a number of issues and I have no idea
how. I noticed when I had set an alarm on the clock facility. I found that
stopping it and removing the setting as normal did not prevent the device
from continuing to ring and vibrate. Usually doing a 'soft reset' corrects
any errors in the device but on this occassion it makes no difference - the
only way to stop the alarm sound and vibration is to turn all sound off, take
the battery (and SIM card) out, put them back in, switch it back on and put
sound back up. If I do a normal 'soft reset' without all this procedure, the
device will start to alarm again regardless of the absence of any settings.

I have also noticed some erratic variation in its telephone functions
including occasionally attempting to access the mobile network without asking
for a PIN (and, of course, failing completely) and unexplained variations in
the light panel indicators.

Finally, just to make any suggestion of doing a 'hard reset' or outright
replacing the device/software all the more laborious; I cannot, for the life
of me, get it to connect with ActiveSync any more. I plug it in, the computer
recognises it, ActiveSync starts to connect, it continues to try for some
time and then, finally, gives up. This is particularly worrying because it
rather looks like any resolution will involve me losing data that has been on
the phone since I last successfully used ActiveSync.

I am getting desperate... can anyone help?

Thanking you in advance,
Karim434 (05-28-08, 09:54 PM)
P.S. If this is not the right newsgroup for such a query, please tell me
where it would be better to post it.

r_z_aret@pen_fact.com (05-29-08, 05:46 PM)
On Wed, 28 May 2008 12:54:00 -0700, Karim434
<Karim434> wrote:

>P.S. If this is not the right newsgroup for such a query, please tell me
>where it would be better to post it.

It is definitely not the right newsgroup (see my response yesterday to
a question called "Windows Moile Device Center not performing
correctly" in this group). Your device is a Pocket PC Phone Edition,
so I suggest checking microsoft.public.pocketpc. Better yet, I suggest
checking a 9-10 Oct 07 thread called "Duplicate alarms" in that group.


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