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Freeked (02-11-10, 12:28 AM)
Media player 12 is creating auto playlists on start up. The playlists are
named Hannuka. I have no Hannuka music. Also creating Christmas playlists,
and I have no Christmas music on my pc atm. I've deleted them. They come
back on next start up. I've tried editing them, they come back on next start
up with the edited names I gave them, but all the criteria is restored to
Hannuka and Christmas. How do I stop this?
Tim De Baets (02-11-10, 07:29 PM)
Perhaps the playlists are being created by a plug-in? Go to Plug-ins in
WMP's Options and view each category, especially Background.

If you select "Delete from library and my computer" while deleting the
playlists, do they still come back then?

It's also possible that the playlists are being created by an external
(Christmas?) program that you recently installed.

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