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Donald C.E. Robinson (07-07-03, 09:09 PM)
We have a number of projects in DevStudio and .Net.
We use combinations of VSS 6.0c and 6.0d running on NT/2000/XP.

We have a number of remote users who communicate with the VSS databases on
our office LAN, using VPN over public ADSL. For most, this is painfully
slow. I'd like to hear of any experiences or solutions that others may have,
to make remote access workable.

Apologies for cross-posts.
John (07-08-03, 02:41 PM)
How do you define "painfully slow"?

I am part of a development team that uses VSS over VPN exclusively (there is
no office, only a server at a co-location facility). I and my co-workers
use a variety of DSL and Cable providers and the performance is

One thing to be careful of: since VSS in fileshare-based, your anti-virus
software may be trying to scan for viruses on every access of a file in VSS.
For myself, Norton auto-protect made things about 5x slower than usual
because of the large number of files accessed by the VSS client.

"Donald C.E. Robinson" <drobinson> wrote in message
Patrick Grier (08-21-03, 12:04 AM)
Use a real Source Control package like Clear Case

"Joe Masters" <joe.masters> wrote in message
robertwaynemccarty (04-20-16, 05:37 PM)
Turning off the anti-virus made a day and night difference for me.
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