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Robin (10-19-08, 10:03 AM)
Some flvs using the On2 vp6 codec play ok in wmp for Vista and some play
only audio. When I analize with Gspot it says some are flash 6 and the
others are flash 8. I'm using the latest stable version of vistacodec. Has
anyone been able to play the flash 8 videos with wmp? It seems to be what
Yahoo Music is using now to upload their videos.
Thank you
torfanos (02-03-10, 04:09 AM)
I have come across the exact same damn problem, I cant play any .flv video/
audio file, did someone send you a fix, I need one would appreciate any
fixes. thanks Anos

"Robin" wrote:
Tim De Baets (02-03-10, 05:33 PM)
You can't play any FLV file, or just some specific kind of FLV files,
like in the original message?

Installing the following packages should allow WMP to play most FLV files:
FLV Splitter:

Robin (02-07-10, 08:00 PM)
If you use the video converter "SUPER", it seems to interfere with WMP
ability to play FLV. After using it, I have to reinstall vistacodec to get
it to work again.

"Tim De Baets" <tdebaets> wrote in message
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