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Jeff Pressman (10-25-04, 12:29 AM)
I've created a simle form in VB tools for Solomon to access the AR customer
table (custID and name).

When I run the form I get the following error:

System Message 10050

The application specified size of record customer (452) does not match the
database declared size (1272).

Anyone familiar with this error?
Stuart Nottingham (10-25-04, 03:31 PM)
Jeff, I've gotten that error when my DH file doesn't match up with the table
definition in SQL. Compare field sizes in your DH to the customer table in
Enterprise Manager. If changes are necessary, change the DH file.

Stuart Nottingham

"Jeff Pressman" wrote:
Patrick (10-26-04, 06:13 PM)
Jeff. I've gotten the error when I used a datatype in
SQL that Object Model doesn't recognize in the dh file.
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