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Taylor W (06-27-10, 02:35 PM)
After changing to Windows authorization, users receive the following error
message when logging into their workstation:

"<user> is not associated with a Microsoft Dynamics SL user. Have an
Administrator run User Maintenance to configure the user for Dynamics SL"

The SL User Maintenance setup was completed for each user after the Database
Update to change to Windows Auth. I also ran Synchronize All Ownership and

At the suggestion of tech support, I changed the ownership of all SL
application and system databases to 'sa'. I then logged into SL's Database
Maintenance using the SA login and password. I clicked on the Update
Databases tab, selected the appropropiate SL sys and app database. Then
clicked on the Synchronize and Security update scenario, Update Database.

I continue to receive the error listed above and users can not log in.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

Any suggestions.
docsis (07-04-10, 02:06 AM)
Have you verified that the <user> account exists on the SQL database. Through
SQL Server Managment Studio log into the database and expand the security
folder and verify the users exists. If they do not you will have to recreate
users in SL and make sure the sl admin account you do this with is mapped to
a sql server login that has sysadmin priv.

"Taylor W" wrote:
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