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Spartan-17 (02-14-10, 01:57 AM)
Well, There have been a lot of posts here, saying that the new windows media
player sucks, and i agree... but, i like the WMP10, it is better, and, it
doesn't bears that idiot idea of the "now playing as a separate window"

I want to use WMP10 in my Windows 7 Professional 64 bits...but the installer
says that there is an already installed higher version...but i don't want
that version... i've also tried winamp, but, it is trash.

Any Ideas? Thanks, and, sorry about the english, i am portuguese. By the
way, FLAC support would be good, because there is a lot of people that use
that format...

PS: Microsoft's Windows Media Player Designers, Please, DON'T USE THAT
Tim De Baets (02-14-10, 06:15 PM)
It's not possible to install WMP 10 or 11 directly on Windows 7.
However, you could still install it in virtualized XP Mode.

To allow WMP to play FLAC files, install the DirectShow filters at

If you also want FLAC library and tagging support, you will need my WMP
Tag Plus plug-in:
The plug-in doesn't officially supports WMP 10, but another user has
reported that it works fine on that version as well.

charlie mullett (08-23-10, 06:18 PM)
i tried a solution that involved unpacking the installer, then installing each .ini file - but it didnt work, although others claim it does. there is a solution though, if you have a xp installation disk then use virtual box (free!) to host xp within windows 7, then install and run wmp10 via xp. a little complicated - but you do solve any other 'how do i run ________ in win 7?' problems at the same time!
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