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Louis (03-11-10, 08:29 PM)
We have Solomon 6.5 with SP3... Our current environment consist of a SQL
Server (Win2003) and an application server (WinXP). The application server
always runs Requisition Information Agent (RIA) to send out emails to all
users in the system. The problem we have is that RIA will work for a few days
maybe weeks without any issues but then all of a sudden it stops sending out
emails. When this happens a pop-up message comes up that reads... "Possible
network error: Write to SQL server Failed. General Network Error. Check your
documentation. Debugging Info: dbsqlexec,Begin Transaction - ExecuteSbproc.
Optional info: begin transaction".

I don't see an issues with network connectivity and was wondering if anyone
has come across a similar issue that could provide some assistance.

Any assistance provided is greatly appreciated.

Scott (03-16-10, 12:04 AM)
My experience in the past is that this is always a conmnectivity issue, even
if momentarily a switch might hiccup this breaks the connection and the SQL
connection is lost. Reboot cures it and youu go on.

"Louis" wrote:
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