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Brian V (03-15-10, 06:23 AM)
Hi. I have ripped someof my cd's and I am a producer who has exported some of
his music or select pieces.

I am trying to burn a cd to listen to my own productions or cd's I own and
Windows Media player has an error saying something about it can't recognize
the length of the tracks and cannot burn them to cd. The advice from WMP is
that if I play the song, wmp may recognize the length of the song and be able
to burn the music.

Some songs I'v exported from a music program I use (Magix Music Maker 11
Deluxe, yes it's older, but I'm still learning.): sometimes are not
recognized in my Zune player. It's in the folder, but not being recognized in
the software. The songs/pieces play in other programs.

Zune also says unless it's music bought from the marketplace, the Zune
player will not recognize it. I have not encountered that problem yet. I have
downloaded free music from myspace, soundcloud, waxdj.com, etc and most seem
to play. These are lesser known artists, so they don't have bells and
whistles or political power to make their music work.......(heh heh heh. My
joke/sarcasm is a bit true...no?).

Why is this happening? Is this digital rights management stuff? What can I
do to get the music to have a full start and finish recognized by players and

I paid for my music or made it. If there is another audio player or mp3
player I need to get that has good updates, universal compatibility or
tagging, etc just let me know.

Thank you.
Tim De Baets (03-16-10, 09:22 PM)
What's the file type (file extension) of these problematic songs (MP3,

Brian V (03-17-10, 07:34 AM)
..wav in media player 11, and .mp3 in the Zune.

I have tinkered with the end markers when I exported my own productions or
pieces of them. This can help. But not always. I also don't have the time to
mess around constantly. Sometimes it doesn't work too. I try to have 1-2.5
seconds in the beginning and end of a song.

I havn't started to archive my cd and record collection yet. This situation
worries me. I will not pay the record companies twice though.

"Tim De Baets" wrote:
Tim De Baets (03-17-10, 05:22 PM)
Are the WAV files in your WMP library? WMP might be able to burn them if
they are in the library, and have a length listed. If they don't have a
value for length, play them back (by double-clicking them in the
library), as this will probably set the correct length.

When you can see their lengths in the library, drag the songs from
within the library (and *not* from Explorer) to the Burn List, and try
burning again.

If that doesn't help, you can still convert the WAV files to MP3 or WMA.
WMP shouldn't have any problems with burning these formats.

This isn't in any way related to DRM, it's because WMP's library doesn't
properly support WAV, as this isn't a good format when it comes to
tagging. As for the Zune problem, I really can't say what the problem
could be. You might have better luck on a forum that is specifically
aimed at the Zune.

Brian V (03-17-10, 07:16 PM)
The error message or question mark in wmp11 answered that for me. It was
exactly what you said. When I double clicked the files after I added them
into the library: Only 1 extra wav file actually got recognized. A Total of 2
out of 34 approx.

I can try again. Maybe I shouldn't archive in wav. I know about the tagging,
but I was concerned about wma not being recognized on a mac or different os
than windows. What if I have to use someone elses computer or buy a mac

Does anyone know if wma is recognized on mac computers or in other os's? I
know itunes recognizes the tagging.

If I were to tag an mp3 in windows, does anyone know if it will carry over
into another os?

Are itunes files that are tagged on a mac recognized on that system? Or just
in itunes? That's a question I have long been seeking.
Brian V (03-18-10, 06:04 AM)
I found the app to be able to play the wma and wmv files on a mac in quicktime.

Called Flip4 Mac:

Maybe microsoft doesn't like someone like me posting this up. *shrugs* It's
all information and compatability.
Tim De Baets (03-19-10, 07:24 PM)
Brian V wrote:
> If I were to tag an mp3 in windows, does anyone know if it will carry over
> into another os?
> Are itunes files that are tagged on a mac recognized on that system? Or just
> in itunes? That's a question I have long been seeking.

Yes, tags for MP3 and M4A files are stored in the files themselves (so
they are always carried over with the file), and are universal and not
OS-dependent. If the files are M4A, an additional plug-in needs to be
installed for WMP 11 to recognize the tags. WMP 12 supports M4A tags

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