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Gordon (10-27-04, 02:55 PM)
Has anyone experienced problems running Solomon 4.21 with
a virtual database server (VMware)? Our DBA's created a
Solomon test database, using VMware, by restoring from a
backup of our production databases. After the restore, I
changed the server name in the Domain table (the database
names remained the same) and updated the views using the
Database Maintenance screen. Now, when trying to login to
Solomon, I continually get prompted for the "sa"
password. This normally doesn't happen when I restore
from a production database and I'm wondering if it's
because we're trying to access a virtual server for the
first time. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Bill Jasiulewicz (11-05-04, 07:03 AM)
Have your DBA make sure that the master and masterRO users exist as logins
on the new server and they are DBO in the Solomon test databases.

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