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Jill Hart (11-02-04, 05:32 PM)
Hi all..

I'm trying to add notes into my transaction import for
Sales Orders. I've followed the tutorial I found on the
site, adding in code to an existing ctl file. It asked me
to add:
1. Add the following code below to the control macro near
the top under the bsl.dh line.

'$include: "snote.dh"

When I looked in the root of my Solomon dir, I found the
bsl.dh, but not the snote.dh. I attempted altering the
above command with the correct path to the snote.dh and
that was throwing back errors, so I then copied it into
the root dir with the bsl.dh. I get the following error:

'System Message 10056: Basic Script Language compile
error -2107. Illegal statement.

File: snote.dh

Can anyone offer me any advice on how to get this
snote.dh recognized? I need to import line and header
notes with my sales order. I've searched the
knowledgebase and there are no results that match that
error number or statement.

Thanks so much for your help...
Jill Hart
web developer / programmer
Jill Hart (11-02-04, 06:26 PM)
OK, I realized that it's already recognizing the snote.dh
file, but it's blowing up on line 3 of it which is:
Attribute VB_Name = "SnoteDH"

This file has never been altered by me.

Any suggestions?

Jill Hart
web developer / programmer
Sammy Caras (11-02-04, 11:09 PM)
Comment out that line. It is used by VB, not VBA.

"Jill Hart" wrote:
Jill Hart (11-02-04, 11:39 PM)
Hi Sammy...

We tried that and it ran with no errors, but then none of
our line notes were imported. We did get the header notes
to import, however.

We're going to try again.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks so much for your reply :D
Jill Hart
Jill Hart (11-02-04, 11:48 PM)
When we commented out the Attribute line, we get it to
error on this line:
Public bSnote As Snote, nSnote As Snote

Some of the other dh files have Global instead of Public.
We've tried changing that too, and it seems to like it,
but we still don't get any line notes imported.

Thanks for any more help...
Sammy Caras (11-03-04, 12:59 AM)
I can't offer direct assistance on importing notes with TI, as I've never
tried it.

The Global/Public lines included in the .DH file are variable buffer and
null-buffer declarations for the user-defined type referenced by the .DH
file. Unless the screen is customized, you shouldn't have a need for the .DH
file to begin with.

"Jill Hart" wrote:
Sammy Caras (11-03-04, 05:54 PM)
I read the tutorial you refered to when you started this thread, so please
disregard my comment about whether the screen is customized - if you follow
the tuotorial, you customize your screen; 'nuff said.

Are you still having problems with note-import?

"Sammy Caras" wrote:
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