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A_Lemos (02-26-10, 06:14 PM)
Hi there,

Can someone please help me with the following:

In MS project 2007, I am currently trying to set weekend days as overtime.
Basically I've already set my calendar to use only week days, and when I
change it and set the project to run on weekends (normal 8 hour days) it does
not show any values for overtime worked.

When I go to the Resource Usage page and set 'overtime work' hours then the
program just extends the working hours on weekdays (so from an 8 hour day it
moves to, say, 12 hours). Ive tried setting each individual task as 'Fixed
Duration' under task type (task information box) to no avail.

What I need is to keep my week days at 8 hours and cause the setting of
overtime hours to extend onto the weekend thereby shortening the total task

So really I'd like to set saturday and sunday as overtime and the rest of
the week days as normal rates.

Is there anyone who can help me with this? Im sorry if this sounds a bit
confusing, as I am clearly confused myself!
Steve House (02-26-10, 08:12 PM)
Project does not automatically assign overtime nor does it have any
mechanism to know that Sat and Sun would be overtime in a 7-day work
schedule. IF you create a calendar that includes Sat and Sun as working
time, they would be considered straight time. Overtime is work that exists
OUTSIDE of the normal working hours that are defined by the working time
calendar. Since duration is defined as the number of working time calendar
minutes between task start and task finish, overtime effectively dissappears
from duration calculations. When you enter an overtime hours assignment,
Project calculates the duration based on Total Work - Overtime Work hours
and distributes the overtime evenly over the task's duration. It doesn't
know or care when the work will ACTUALLY be done, whether by the resource
extending his work day or coming in on the weekend, all it tracks is that
SOMETIME over the course of the task he will do X hours of OT. It has to
put those hours somewhere so it prorates them to each working day but that
doesn't mean that's when they will be done or need to be done, it's only
concerned with the averages and totals. When you enter progress, you post
the OT hours as Actual Overtime on the days when they were actually done and
you can put them on Sat and Sun in the Usage views even if Sat and Sun are
marked non-working days.
twincustomsnfa (08-02-19, 09:14 PM)
Has this changed with the newer versions of MSP? I'm running 2016 professional and want to the the SAME thing the OP described.
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