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Jacob Wolbach (01-21-06, 08:56 PM)
I can't edit the check form in SBA to put the check number or vendor on it.
So when I attach my check stub to the paper invoice, if I have two invoices
for the same amount, I have to open the program and figure out which one goes
with which... This is very frustrating!

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Ken Smith (01-22-06, 06:01 AM)
Yep.. I have the same feelings as well
The vendor name and the invoice # I am paying should be displayed on the stub

Hopefully we'll see an update soon


"Jacob Wolbach" wrote:
Naomi (03-28-06, 07:28 PM)
I agree that the check stub should reflect the check number & vendor name,
but the following may help a little with your current frustration...

When creating the vendor invoice, there is a field towards the bottom called
"reference." This field will print on your checks, at least if you print it
in voucher format. (I haven't tested any other formats.) You can enter the
vendor's invoice number into the reference field, and it will print on the
check stub.

"Jacob Wolbach" wrote:
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