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NCR (09-19-06, 04:16 PM)
We are currently running Solomon 2000, and are planning on upgrading to
Microsoft Dynamics SL, and doing some server consolidation. I would like to
put Microsoft Dynamics on a virtual machine and have the SQL databases on a
seperate physical machine. Our Solomon contractor has informed me that
Microsoft does not support Dynamics on a virtual machine but I have not found
any information to that effect. Does any one else know if that is a true
statement or can they point me to a document that supports or denies this?
Thank you for your time.
Jon (09-20-06, 06:17 PM)
I hope it is supported. I installed Dynamics SL 6.5 on one virtual server,
Business Portal on a second virtual server with SQL Server 2000 on a third
physical server. Everything is running fine and has been for a couple of
months now. This is our production system.


"NCR" wrote:
NCR (09-25-06, 05:51 PM)
Updated.....I received some information talking to Microsoft and though I
would share the response.

"Here is information about Virtual Server and SL: “Because there has been no
formal testing of SL with virtual server, this configuration currently is not
supported. It has been indicated by MBS Professional Services indicated that
virtual server is great for test/demo SL environments, but is not a good host
when any kind of processing volume is involved- they did an informal test and
found that the performance was very poor.”

"Jon" wrote:
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