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Jared Twyler (03-11-16, 10:15 AM)
I've produced a 10-city demonstration video in which I showcase 10 different U.S. cities and the types of ip address that I have available for them here:

In this video I demonstrate 10 U.S. cities and I show clear examples of howthe residential ip's are issued. Each city that you need is controlled by a master gateway server. What this means is that you connect your computer (or vm) to the central gateway server for that city and you are automatically supplied with as many unique residential ip addresses as you could possibly ever want for that city. This system makes it extremely easy to manage multiple (up to hundreds) of accounts for marketing purposes all within onegateway connection.

Residential ip's are automatically rotated for you and stay in the exact city that you have requested. All the local internet service providers in thecity you request are all top providers and well known isp's. For example, if you choose a specific city in the United States you will receive ip's from AT&T, Comcast Cable, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, and numerous other large isp's. In other countries, the same story. Always the largest and most well known providers.

What does a person get in their city-level gateway? Each city has on average between 7,000 and 10,000 residential ip's. This means for each gateway you have, you will have access to all the ip's in that city's ip pool. There are no blocks of ip addresses here. Each isp that you use will have a unique ip address assigned to it from all the different ip blocks available to that city. In essense, you are buying access to an entire residential ip pool for a specific city of your choice with a minimum of 7,000 residential ip's guaranteed from every major isp that serves that city.

For those that are wondering, we do not serve single static ip addresses. This system was built to issue thousands of residential ip addresses and notsingle ip addresses.

For those of you that do your business on vm's (remote desktops), I also offer my own line of Windows 8.1 Professional and Windows 10 Professional. Not many data centers offer these options at all. I custom build mine with end-user operating systems and link a proxy gateway to it to create the end result of a normal computer with a residential ip address. This is a standard option that I make available to all users free of charge with the purchase of at least 1 residential gateway server.

For those of you that need multiple cities, I do make bulk deals. The particulars for that can be discussed over skype.

Skype: iaps_support (IAPS Administrative Support)
hulerwroy (11-10-18, 08:28 PM)
On Friday, March 11, 2016 at 12:15:18 AM UTC-8, Jared Twyler wrote:
roushonhider66 (11-26-18, 06:51 PM)
Hi I need AT&T or Verizon network VPS. could you provide to me? what are the prices?
skype: roushon.roky
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