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Coen Pretorius (09-01-04, 04:45 PM)
I have followed partner forum for some time and am
impressed with the level of support offered by various

Our client gets order commitments from his clients for say
10000 items to be purchased over the next year.
The client's client then places orders("draws down")
against this commitment during the year.
We would like to achieve the following:
>>>>>Show the qty for which the end client places his

initial "Blanket Order" as committed so that it will not
be available for other orders.

>>>>>Create Sales orders as required that will reduce the

available quantity against the original commitment and
follow the normal SO route.

Does Solomon offer this functionality?
If not, we would really appreciate any advice on how to
achieve this.

Coen Pretorius
Profound Project Control Solutions (PTY) Ltd
Stuart Nottingham (09-01-04, 09:44 PM)
Can't guarantee it, but I think if you set Customer Priority Scheduling to
"on", it will commit the quantity to the Sales Order.

The second part would require you to place the order on Admin Hold and
create the Shippers manually against it.

"Coen Pretorius" <coen> wrote in message
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