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Colleen (04-14-10, 11:00 PM)
One of my managers says that when I send her the MSProject file and she
converts it to Excel that in addition to the start/finish dates, it puts in a
time in that field as well. For our project we are not dealing with time at
all, so all we need to know is the dates. She's been manually removing this
time from the field each week, but we are wondering if there is a way to
remove this time option so only dates appear in those columns? I look in the
project plan options and found an area to specify the working times, but when
I tried to delete both fields it would not allow me. It seems that a time
needs to be in both fields. Please confirm if there is a way to remove this
time stamp from the start/end date columns. Thanks!

JulieS (04-14-10, 11:16 PM)
Hello Colleen,

Sorry, no. Even if you change the display (Tools > Options, View
tab) to only show date and not time, the time data will be
exported to project. Even though *you* are not dealing with
time, MS Project is.

The best I can suggest is just to change the cell formats once
the data is in Excel.

I hope this helps. Let us know how you get along.

Project MVP

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On 4/14/2010 5:00 PM, Colleen wrote:
Jim Aksel (04-14-10, 11:27 PM)
Hello Colleen,
It is probably easiest to do this in Excel. Highlight the entire row or
Right click and select "Format Cells"
Select a date format without hh:mm.
gopalshetty316 (05-16-19, 08:23 AM)
Hi Colleen,

Its quite easy.

Once you export the details in excel, Go to Data> Use Text to Column option> Select Delimited and then tick "Space", it will populate all entries in columns next to it and then use Concatenate option and chose(Date, Month andYear) what you need in terms of date.

Trust this helps.
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