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Ron W. (04-10-09, 03:00 AM)
I'm on Windows Vista and Windows Mail, I have plus / minus signs to the left
of the affected e-mails and I'd like to get rid of them. My e-mails were all
individual when I set up the e-mail on this computer. I think this started
right after I clicked OK to compact on the pop up window. I really dislike
having to locate a specific e-mail (incoming or sent folder) by clicking the
plus sign. Please is there a way to put it back so ALL the e-mails will be
separate again.
Thank you.
Dave (04-10-09, 03:53 AM)
Click on
View - Current view
if "Group messages by conversation" is checked, click on it to uncheck it
Ron W. (04-10-09, 04:47 AM)
I can't beleive it was that easy but you were dead on. Thank you very much.

"Dave" wrote:
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