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Bible John (03-24-07, 05:56 AM)
Steve Winters is not entirely mentally ill (as Sowle and other devils may
argue). Winter like Sowle is a Spiritual Terrorist and teaches another
gospel message and is to be accursed (Gal 1:8-9)

Winter is a dog and should be avoided.
Philippians 3
1Finally, my brothers, rejoice in the Lord! It is no trouble for me to write
the same things to you again, and it is a safeguard for you.
2Watch out for those dogs, those men who do evil, those mutilators of the

Those that claim that Winter is mentally ill are really dismissing Steve
Winter's hellfire teachings, his hellfire ways, and his hellire judgment.
The mentally ill cannot see straight, but Winter can see straight. Winter
just chooses Satan over Christ, and in doing so Winter is only obeying his
father's desires.

Winter and Sowle have the same father, yet hate each other.

Refer to my article on the Terrorists.

First one must realize is that the word "Spiritual Terrorist" is just one of
many words that can be used to describe false deceivers. Looking at the book
Words of Delight by Biblical Scholar Leland Ryken, he says that archetypes
often recur throughout the Bible and there are many different themes and
archetypes that recur throughout the canon of scripture (Ryken, 26).
Likewise "False Prophet" or "Spiritual Terrorist" is a recurring theme
throughout the Bible.

Below are other words (archetypes) to describe "Spiritual Terrorists" that
are used in the Bible. (From the New International Version)

1. Snakes & Vipers- Mt 23:33

2. Scorpions-Lk 10:19, Dt 8:15, Eze 2:6

3. Wolves-Mt 7:15,Mt 10:16,Lk 10:3,Acts 20:29, John 10:12

4. False Prophets- Mt 7:15,Mt 24:11,Mt 24:24,Mk 13:22, 2 Pet 2:1,1 John 4:1

5. False Teachers-2 Pet 2:1,1 Ti 1:3

6. Brute Beasts-2 Pet 2:12

7. Animals- 2 Pet 2:12 (NASB, ESV and HCSB)

8. AntiChrists-1 Jn 2:18, 1 Jn 4:3

Although the word "Spiritual Terrorist" is never explicitly mentioned in the
scriptures, the word can be used to label those that match the criteria of
the words above. Based on criteria from these passages and from 2 Pet 2 and
Jude below is a better profile of a Spiritual Terrorist and what they wish
to accomplish. (From the New International Version)

1. The Terrorists are inside the Christian Church- Jude 1:4, Jude 1:12, 2
Pet 2:1-2, 2 Pet 2:13

2. The Terrorists lack the Holy Spirit-Jude 1:19

3. The Terrorists teach another Gospel Message- Gal 1:8, 2 Pet 2:1, Jude
1:4, 2 Pet 2:12,

4. The Terrorists lack the fruits of the Spirit (Gal 5:22ff)-Mt 7:16,20,
Jude 1:12, 2 Pet 2:14,

5. The Terrorists are all about Self Promotion-Jude 1:12,Jude 1:16,Jude

6. The Terrorists attack all those that disagree with them-Jude 1:10

7. The Terrorists will spend eternity in Hell/The Lake of Fire-Jude 1:13, 2
Pet 2:3,2 Pet 2:9,2 Pet 2:15, 2 Pet 2:17

Please do everything in your power to avoid Winter, and to rebuke his
hellfire teachings. As mentioned Winter is a dog and should be avoided.

Pastor Steve Winter (03-24-07, 07:21 AM)
"Bible John" <john.doggett> spake thusly and wrote:


Anyone knowing John Wolf's current address is asked to contact
the Durham, NC police dept with that information and reference
criminal complaints NC IR05-034406, 05-034406, 05-029465,

A malicious individual John Wolf has been harassing and stalking
me for some time now and I have filed numerous criminal
complaints. Including Durham, NC IR05-034406, 05-034406,
05-029465, 06-11685. These include harassing phone calls,
sending unwanted things in the US mail (yes I have filed a
complaint with the Charlotte, NC Postal Inspector), computer
harassment etc. Many of the crimes John Wolf is committing are
Federal crimes across state lines.

Pastor Steve Winter
Todd Allcock (03-24-07, 07:27 AM)
At 23 Mar 2007 20:56:09 -0700 Bible John wrote:
> Steve Winters is not entirely mentally ill (as Sowle and other devils
> may argue)...


At the risk of becoming one of the forces of the Ungodly, might I ask you
what does ANY of this have to do with either "parenting solutions" or
Handheld PCs?

Crossposting is a privilege reserved for posting the same message to
multiple RELEVANT newsgroups- not to simply post unrelated musings to
groups YOU happen to read or "hang out" in.

You have a website to rant about your fellow self-proclaimed ministers in-
I suggest you use it.

These off-topic newsgroups are NOT your pulpits.

The "devil", as they say, is in the details...
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