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bc (09-21-06, 08:30 AM)
Can someone please post a list of what the various parameter numbers refer
to (in relation to using Com object hooks).

Mick Hardy (09-22-06, 01:19 AM)
Search the forum for "hook list". It's been answered a couple of times this

There is a document available from Customer Source now, which I don't think
used to be available as it is clearly labelled "Partner Only Article".
CustomerSource, Support, Knowledge Base, Retail Management, Store Operations,
Customization, you should fine it. ArticleID is 869720. There is a direct
in the post starting 1) Database Schema. I'm not sure if this is the elusive
Customization Guide as it is pretty brief but it has a number of downloads
available as well.

Available hook types.

0 PostTransaction
1 PrintReceipt
2 TenderBegin
3 ExportAccounting
4 AddItem
5 RefreshDisplay
6 InitializeTransaction
7 StartPOS
8 QuitPOS
9 SavePurchaseOrder
10 SaveSupplier
11 SaveCustomer
12 StartManager
13 QuitManager
14 SaveItem
15 TenderEnd
bc (09-22-06, 02:38 AM)
Thanks for that but what I am after is actually what the parameter number is
for the "Transaction number" - if there is one.

For example I think customer number is passed via paramater number 5. I am
writing a hook using hook type 1 which is working perfectly but I am
wondering if via a parameter number, the transaction number could be passed
to my DLL.

"Mick Hardy" <rms-remove-spam-filter-> wrote in message
Mick Hardy (09-22-06, 03:11 AM)
To get the transaction number, you pass the session object, using parameter 1
and then use Session.Transaction.TransactionNumber

If you create a temporary early bound session object, you can use
intellisense or the object browser to check out all the different properties
and methods available. Even Word lets you use the intellisense feature for

'Code in Word's VBA editor with a reference to Store Operations Business Rules
Public Sub test()
Dim qs As QSRules.SessionClass
End Sub

The documentation I referenced in the previous post has a download
explaining hooks which lists the possible parameters shown below. Before I
had the document, I had no idea what the parameters were, except that
parameter 1 meant I could pass the Session object. I actually thought it
meant the number of parameters to pass and that different hooks had different
parameter lists.

The possible values of Parameter are:

0: Default - DR SMS to maintain compatibility
1: Session Object - A pointer to QSRules.Session
2: Digital Receipt - SMS - XML string of DR (SMS DTD)
3: Digital Receipt - ARTS - XML string of DR (ARTS DTD)
4: Nothing - No parameter passed

Have fun.
Mick Hardy (09-22-06, 03:14 AM)
Apologies for misreading your first post. ;-)
bc (09-22-06, 03:36 AM)
Thanks very much for that - Got a bit of work to do now :)

"Mick Hardy" <rms-remove-spam-filter-> wrote in message
bc (09-22-06, 03:46 AM)
Thanks again - I just tried that and it worked perfectly.

"Mick Hardy" <rms-remove-spam-filter-> wrote in message
Aadeel S. Puri (07-10-19, 06:30 AM)
replying to =?Utf-8?B?TWljayBIYXJkeQ==?=, Aadeel S. Puri wrote:
Man you are genius, hats off to you. I was scratching my hair all the time
wondering how to find those parameters. Whoa! you did that about 12 Years ago
while this was new. I am your fan now sir....
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