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Patrick (03-06-08, 07:56 PM)

I want to add a hyperlink or button click event (ASP.NET) to a web page that
would open a new communicator chat session.

This link will be added to our employee directory page and allow someone
browsing the directory to open a new chat session.

Is there a URL format I can use (like the standard mailto: or aim:) or a
component I can add to my project to give me that functionality?

fr@nz (03-06-08, 10:54 PM)
Hello Patrick.

I think in a simpler environmet a "sip:username@domain" hyperlink will do...
Of course a sip-capable client must be configured on the client...

my two pennies...


"Patrick" wrote:
Patrick (03-07-08, 03:02 PM)

That is exactly what I was looking for. I just did not know what to call
the protocal that was used. I have done a little research on SIP since your
reply and by they way, sip:username@domain works perfectly!

Thanks for your help!


"fr@nz" wrote:
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