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news.microsoft.com (01-14-07, 03:35 PM)

office 2007 install gives "The language of this installation package is not
supported by your system" and exits.
Operating system is a fresh windows 2003 sp1 english, office 2007 is the
english ultimate version. I haven't tried to install the packet on another
Anyone a idea!? I already installed installed language support for asian

Winfried Wille
Winfried Wille (01-16-07, 11:26 AM)
I solved the problem by reinstalling the system.
"news.microsoft.com" <dfde2002> wrote in message
richslack (03-13-07, 06:26 PM)
Reinstalling which system? 2003? I am having the same problem "The language
of this installation package is not supported by your system". Did you
totally format your drive and reinstall everything?

"Winfried Wille" wrote:
tubaczar (03-29-07, 02:38 PM)
I have a WIN XP Pro System SP2 trying to install the Office 2007 Enterprise
Edition with the same message. Reinstalling the OS seems like a drastic
measure. The not so friendly phone support guys folks at MSFT suggested that
I was using a CD drive to install Office which runs on a DVD drive
(interesting approach but not the case).

Oddly, the setup app runs on my work laptop DVD drive not not my home system.

The error message seems appear mostly for folks that used the 07 beta and
can unistall it.


"richslack" wrote:
tubaczar (03-29-07, 02:44 PM)
Just read from another post.

Hi Todd;

I copied the CD to the local drive and it installed just fine. How stupid is
that? If I didn't work with SW developers all day I'd wonder what the hell
was up with that, but after some of the things I've seen nothing surprises me.



"tubaczar" wrote:
clayton (04-04-07, 03:04 PM)
i copied it to my local drive still the sames message
what to do?

"tubaczar" wrote:
eme523 (04-04-07, 05:42 PM)
I got the language error. Here is what I did.

I went to Microsoft and downloaded another MS Office 2007
saved it to a folder on my c drive.
Copied down the key code that was on the download page.

I did a custom install and on each of the office applications,
I selected
X Do not install
(selected that red X when you do the pull down)
I then let it install

Went back into the add/remove programs and it now let me uninstall the
TRIAL version of Office 2007!!
After that I was able to re-install my Office 2003
and all was good!!
tubaczar (04-10-07, 02:14 AM)
I copied the entire Office 2007 disc to a local drive and it installed easily.

The sad part is that MS Tech Support could not fix the problem. My call to
them is covered by my companies service plan and the poor slobs could not
even fix their own product.

So the question still exists, "why do we pay so much for inferior products"?
MS - Superior Marketing for Inferior Solutions.

"clayton" wrote:
modifiers (01-05-09, 08:24 PM)
Never mind just saw at the top of the thread you had already trie

I just had an issue with installing an Arabic Language Pack, and it ha
to do with 2 checkboxes on the regional and language options...

On Windows XP:

Start --> Control Panel --> Regional and Language Options

Select the second Tab, LANGUAGES

Then click on either or both checkboxes:

(X) Install files for complex script and right-to-left language
(including Thai)

(X) Install files for East Asian Languages

You will need your Windows XP CD as it will copy files from the i38
KJ1982 (02-18-09, 10:21 AM)
i am having the same problem but when it does when i try to unstall i
and i downloaded it i don't have the disk for it
talaqha (03-12-09, 02:59 PM)
Hi modifiers ,

thanks it solve no
wisteriavillage (04-22-09, 05:38 AM)
I also don't have a disk i.e. download iso and use isobuster to
open/extract files.
At first I tried extracting using default and got the "language" error.
I re-extracted using the 'extract raw but convert to user data' option
and then it worked.
The difference at first glance is the dir/file naming convention for
almost all the files.
cjizzle711 (05-09-10, 09:57 PM)
i have the same problem tried to uninstall the microsoft 2007 enterpris
but i give me the setup error the language of this installation packag
is not supported by your system
uninstall the other aspects of office even the trial part and then
tried the Run option to delete the office 12 and it wont let me it say
some aspects are still running someone pls help oh installed windows
ultimate on my dell xps that used to have windows xp on it with added3g
ram and 700gb duo core some PLS HELP!
sihmartarachand (02-08-20, 12:59 PM)
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