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Angula (05-04-04, 11:06 PM)
I've got an application that utilizes a custom icon for the Programs group and the Recently Run items. When I use 32x32x16, the icon appears properly in the Programs group but incorrectly in the Recently Run items. When I use 16x16x16, the icon appears correctly in the Recently Run items but incorrectly in the Programs group

My question is, how can I specify two different icons (I have seen this done with other PocketPc applications) or how can I correct this problem

As an aside, I tried this with icons included with Visual Studio (rocket.ico, specifically). I did not have this problem with the rocket.ico file which is formatted as 32x32x16. That would lead me to believe that my problem is with my icon file but I can't figure what it might be
Chris Tacke, eMVP (05-05-04, 12:05 AM)
Does your icon file have both the 32x32 and 16x16 formats in it?
Tommy Malone (05-05-04, 08:22 PM)
I appreciate your tact where my ignorance is concerned. :)

I had no idea that icon files contained more than one image.

My follow-up, if you'll alow me...

Can you recommend any good applications for creating icon files with the
appropriate format?

Can you recommend any good reading on the CF GUI and icons in
particular? I would like to get the core reference on the .NET Framework
but I understand that book does not contain any VB examples.


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Paul G. Tobey [eMVP] (05-05-04, 09:04 PM)
VS.NET 2003 will do it. Assuming you have an icon file with one image
layout in it (16x16, say), you can add another layout by opening the icon
(double-click in Solution Explorer, for example), pull down the Image menu
and choose New Image Type... To see the current image types for that icon,
look at the Current Icon Image Types submenu.

It's time to learn C#, anyway. You really can't do everything you'll want
to do being single-lingual. It's not that different...

Paul T.

"Tommy Malone" <tommy> wrote in message
Chris Tacke, eMVP (05-05-04, 09:14 PM)
I use Axialis AXIcons. It's inexpensive and *way* better than what studio
Tommy Malone (05-06-04, 03:07 PM)
Thanks for the suggestion on the Axialis software. Of the few applications I
had been trying to make work, the Axialis is BY FAR the best.

"Chris Tacke, eMVP" <ctacke> wrote in message
nikkoianmagatao (03-01-18, 01:33 AM)
On Wednesday, May 5, 2004 at 6:05:07 AM UTC+8, Chris Tacke, eMVP wrote:
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