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Jason (11-20-07, 08:11 PM)
I don't know if this is the best place to moan about my faulty game but I
can't find anywhere else to state my grievences without paying £46 for
support which is more than double the product price. I thought I could get
support free but I keep getting directed to the billing page. Maybe I am
missing something?
Anyway my problem from the beginning, I bought a used copy of Halo 2 Vista.
It seemed to be installing okay, then it said I needed to download an update
of Windows live, which I agreed to, I tried to do this several times but
every time it froze and I had to close the process by starting task manager.
I wasn't able to start the actual game until I downloaded the update, so
instead I tried to download the update from the microsoft website manually
instead of letting the Halo instalation program do it for me. I downloaded
the update successfully, then when i tried to install Halo 2 again it simply
brought up a dialogue box saying "Files are missing or damaged in the
installation directory: Some important files required to run this game are
missing in the installation directory." So I thought that maybe it was
damaged as it was a used game. So I then bought a brand new one copy of Halo
2, and when I put the cd in after the autoplay started the exact same
dialogue box came up. I tried cleaning the cd, installing the game in safe
mode, praying to the sun god, sacrificing a goat, closing every possible
background program, deleting all traces of previous Halo installation
attempts and nothing seems to work. My computer has all the necessary specs
to run the game and the graphics card is a good one. If someone could shed
light on this or tell me of someone who can I will give you a million billion
pounds and my eternal gratitude, well only one of those things,
GruntGuy (12-12-07, 01:56 AM)
I got it!!
I had the exact same problem as you, and when I found and uninstalled the
Windows Live for Games program/component bit, I found it still didn't work
and thought all was lost. BUT! Idea!
System Restore!
I restored my computer back to a point before I had first started to install
halo 2, and lo and behold, it works now!
Try it, and good luck.

"Jason" wrote:
Jason (12-12-07, 02:33 AM)
Thank you so much for answering me plea for help, and I am really glad you
managed to overcome your Halo problem, but I find the prospect of having to
do a system restore a little hard to swallow as surely that would mean
everything I have downloaded, installed or changed since I first tried to
install Halo 2, which was quite a few months ago would get wiped out i.e all
the windows updates, driver updates applications, music, games and other work
downloaded in the intervening months would be gone.
Surely if I were to delete Halo and Windows live from my system and then run
one of those cleaner programs then I could restore my computer to how it was
before I tried to install Halo without removing any of my other files. Much
as I want to play Halo 2 I don't want to lose a masive chunk of my files to
do it.
However I really appreciate you taking the time to try and help out, cheers!

"GruntGuy" wrote:
GruntGuy (12-12-07, 03:02 AM)
Well, Windows updates and driver updates aren't too bad because they can be
done easily. Work, music, games on the other hand would be a bit of an issue,
However, if you have an external hard drive, or any other means of backing up
data (perhaps even just blank dvd discs), you could backup all your
downloaded files, work, etc (anything you don't want to lose), and then
perform the system restore. Once it's done, you can then just shift stuff
across from your backup source back onto your computer. It's a bit of a
lengthy process, but it'll save you from having to lose all your data.
Luckily for me, I only had to lose about a week's worth of stuff, but I can
still understand why you wouldn't want to do a system restore.
I'm not entirely sure about the whole cleaner thing. It may or may not work,
perhaps depending on the program you use. I'm not entirely convinced it would
work to be honest, and using system restore is a real sure way of getting it
to work. I use CCleaner to deal with cleaning up my computer and registry
issues, but it wouldn't have been up to the task of doing what you want to do.
Unfortunately Windows has just been a complete and utter tit to me just now.
I started the Halo 2 installation, let it get on with its business and went
for a shower. I came back, to discover that the stupid Windows automatic
update had decided it would be really funny to download and install an
update, and then restart my computer, WHILE Halo 2 was still installing.
Consequently, I had to perform yet another system restore. Haha.
Microsoft makes up for all the rubbish and flawed features of windows by
providing us with a nice system restore tool which can help clear up the
undesired excrement of windows itself.
Unless you can find a way which works well for you, I would still support my
suggestion of backing up your stuff and then carrying out a system restore.

Glad to be of help
Jupiter Jones [MVP] (12-12-07, 03:24 AM)
Personal data such as music etc is not affected by system Restore.
Installed games, updates, drivers etc will be.
However it is always a good idea to have current backups of all
essential data.

However if Halo 2 was installed months ago, the necessary restore
points may already be gone.
GruntGuy (12-12-07, 03:36 AM)
Ah. True that.

"Jupiter Jones [MVP]" wrote:
Johan (03-16-08, 02:35 AM)
I had the same problem. This is what I did to overcome it: Open the following
folder on the install disk: redists. In that folder you will find the
following, install them in the order I have listed (why? it worked!)

1. vcredist.exe (Visual C++ redist.)
2. DXSetup.exe
3. H2V-licr.msi

I am not 100% sure why this worked for me but it did.


"Jason" wrote:
WiZaRd6663 (04-19-08, 08:09 AM)
Testing 123

"Johan" <Johan> wrote in message
boe (04-24-08, 01:03 AM)
I would really like it if there was a newsgroup for Halo2 PC as well.

As soon as I start Halo2 I get the following

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: halo2.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 46368037
Fault Module Name: halo2.exe
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 46368037
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 0006230e
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 1acd
Additional Information 2: a9c80722b816b7308cbea4599bc30825
Additional Information 3: 153f
Additional Information 4: ad6ec9a9bfa34da5215dd4b5bb1fcd09

Read our privacy statement:

I'm using the latest drivers for my 8800GT, I have two Gigs of memory and
every other game I play COD4, Bioshock, Crysis etc all play fine. Just
this game gives me trouble.

"Johan" <Johan> wrote in message
**Ultraviolet** (05-22-08, 03:23 PM)
can someone please email me H2V-licr.msi, my email address is
somehow i managed to corrupt it when i created an ISO of my Halo2 DVD, and
my original dvd is unplayable! scratched! i would really appreciate it i
really would like to play my game again...
Jupiter Jones [MVP] (05-25-08, 07:13 AM)
Instead, contact Microsoft for replacement media:
Jed 2k (07-18-08, 05:05 PM)
How does 1 restore or preserve Halo 2 single player campaign, save games, w/o
having to start from scratch, after wiping the hard drive.
Solid solutions, from any member is welcomed.

"GruntGuy" wrote:
NTV (07-31-08, 05:01 AM)
"Johan" wrote:

> I had the same problem. This is what I did to overcome it: Open the following
> folder on the install disk: redists. In that folder you will find the
> following, install them in the order I have listed (why? it worked!)
> 1. vcredist.exe (Visual C++ redist.)
> 2. DXSetup.exe
> 3. H2V-licr.msi

FireFox (01-03-09, 07:07 PM)
I had a problem installing Halo 2 for Vista.I have Windows Vista.So I installed
Halo 2 than it said it had a problem with installing the credits.I have a
extracting it.

"Jason" wrote:
Aaron (05-16-09, 03:31 AM)
Johan, you are a god!
People his 1 2 3 list worked! Do it and it works. don't know how but it does.

"Johan" wrote:

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