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James Davis (06-30-18, 04:26 AM)
Which Microsoft Virtual PC version will work with 16 bit versions of Windows 95 or Windows 95 upgraded to Windows 98 SE? And where can it be downloaded from?

I need it to work with an HDV image of my 1995 IBM Aptiva hard disks (right out of the box)!

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 won't do it. Will Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 do it? Or, do I need an earlier version than that?

Will earlier versions work together on a Windows 7 (64-bit) system? Or, only one installation at a time?

Any good advice is welcome.
James Davis (09-19-18, 11:00 PM)

MVPC-2004 will not work on x64 systems, only on x86 systems!

Microsoft Virtual PC will not install on a system with Windows Virtual PC already installed. You have to completely uninstall Windows Virtual PC first, including any garbage the uninstall leaves behind (and uninstall that manually), before installing Microsoft Virtual PC (2004 or 2007).
nothuckfinn (03-17-19, 04:11 AM)
I'm pretty sure VirtualBox will work, or VMware.
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