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Ken (04-02-10, 01:24 PM)
Is it possible to make MediaPlayer the sole sound output from a PC? I am
using W7 Home Premium and have the system connected to a stereo receiver.
When music is playing on the stereo via MediaPlayer and someone else is
using the same computer the sounds generated from that application can be
heard mingled with the music.
Jaime (04-02-10, 04:06 PM)
You could open the sound mixer and mute the "Windows/Applications" sounds,
but not Media Player.
Ken (04-04-10, 11:57 AM)
That is exactly what I would like to do. The sound chip on my Gigabyte
EP45-UD3P MB is a "Gigabyte Realtek" chip and drivers. I can't find an
option in the Realtek Audio Manager that would allow me to turn off Window
Application sounds. Am I missing something obvious?

"Jaime" <NOSPAMjaimelobo> wrote in message
Jaime (04-05-10, 03:51 PM)
It would be in the *Windows* Audio mixer, don't know if there is a similar
option in the Realtek controls.

Click on the Speaker icon in the System Tray and choose Mixer.
Ken (04-07-10, 12:36 PM)
Got it. I'm a little smarter now. I never new it it was possible to turn
off the sound by application. Thanks for the help.

"Jaime" <NOSPAMjaimelobo> wrote in message
Jaime (04-07-10, 03:19 PM)
Con mucho gusto!

Thanks for reporting back, always nice to know when a problem is solved.

BTW, the individual control of sound in applications is relatively new in
Windows and it doesn't work with every application.
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