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Shayn (05-14-08, 03:07 AM)

Currently i am working in a Windows Mobile 6.0 professional SDK environment.
I am using Hp IPAQ hw6965, which is running on Windows Mobile CE 5.0. The
language i am using is C#.


My project have 2 forms being created namely, Form1.cs and FrmMap.cs.
FrmMap.cs has the following codes

Code SnippetStringBuilder queryAddress = new StringBuilder();


if (lat != string.Empty)


queryAddress.Append(lat + "%2C");


if (lon != string.Empty)




webBrowser1.Navigate(new System.Uri("http://maps.google.com/maps?q="));

Whenever in Form1.cs i tried to plot coordinates onto FrmMap.cs, it do not
display the map out. I have tried to change the website to

http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&cp={0:0.000000}~{1:0.000000}&styl e=a&lvl=17&alt=-1000&sp=an.{0:0.000000}_{1:0.000000}____&encType=1

it won't work. Instead of giving me the location it display out search
engine(it happens to the google webpage as well).

I have tried adding Html page, and change the address to Map.htm it is not
working too. What is the problem that is lying underneath? Any expert out
there can guide me?
Clinton Fitch, MVP-Mobile Devices (05-17-08, 04:10 AM)

This forum is for handheld PC devices. You may want to post your question
in microsoft.public.pocketpc.developer to get this answered.
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