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Rick Feterick / Feterick & Associates (09-01-04, 04:42 PM)
Is anyone aware of an integration available between
Kronos's time/labor capture products and Solomon's
Payroll? I have a potential new client requesting that.
If no 3rd party products are available, is anyone
familiar with Kronos and have a feel for how complex that
undertaking might be.

Rick Feterick
Feterick & Associates, Inc.
Stuart Nottingham (09-01-04, 09:41 PM)
Are they already committed to the Kronos equipment? Acroprint has a couple
of products that interface through TI with Solomon payroll.

Stuart Nottingham

"Rick Feterick / Feterick & Associates" <rfeterick> wrote in
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Ayrin (09-03-04, 07:26 PM)

Kronos will tell you, and it's true, that their Connect program will
interface with any ODBC compliant DB. They will develop an interface for
you or you can do it.
If you are just going to SIV payroll at the end of every pay period this
might be the easiest, way I have no exp with solomon payroll.

On the other hand: If you will be using SIV time and expense and project
costing and want to put the time to the projects daily then I would recomend
building an interface with SIV Vb tools.

I have just completed a program that pulls either the previous period or
current period from Kronos. It then creates a timecard if one is not
already there, clears the line items and then write the items from kronos.
The only real error checking/problem is invalid jobs coming from Kronos,
these are not imported but written to the event log. This program is
company specific with things like convert VAC pay code to job 999005 with
pay code of 9914.

It is not a very complex thing to do, most of the work is done on the SQL
server so it is pretty fast.

Hope this helped,

"Rick Feterick / Feterick & Associates" <rfeterick> wrote in
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Price Brattin (09-16-04, 03:59 AM)
I helped implement an automatic timecard system that
interfaced Kronos timeclocks into Solomon payroll. We
wrote a custom VB6 program that showed the timecards to
the employees and allowed them to fix mistakes.
Supervisors approved the timecards and then the timecards
were stuck into a SIV time and dollar batch. If you want
more info about it contact me at my email of pbrattin
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