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Jassen (10-04-09, 04:41 PM)

Our Accounting department requires a hard copy of receipts for the audit

I'd like to write a utility to print all the journal receipts.

The database field is in the Journal table and is called ReceiptCompressed.

I have extracted an entry but cannot determine the file type. I've tried
unzipping it, viewing it as a TIFF/BMP/JPG/GIF.

The header is ZIP01PK which made me think it is compressed using ZIP but
that didn't work either.

Any thoughts how to extract and view these database entries?


Jason (10-05-09, 08:26 PM)
On Oct 4, 10:41 am, Jassen <Jas> wrote:
> Any thoughts how to extract and view these database entries?
> Thank-you!
> Jassen

My first thought is to tell the accounting department to go pound sand
(or something slightly more diplomatic). Explain to management why
this is extremely wasteful and tedious. Maybe you can convince them
there is another solution.

You aren't going to be able to extract the images like you think. What
I suggest is you develop a report (can pull data into Excel or another
format to get exactly what you want). You can pull every line item
from every transaction and get all of the data they could ever want.
If they want to view it in a nice friendly format, tell them they can
audit the report to the journal viewer at their convenience and save a
tree. Don't let them tell you there is some sort of legal requirement.
It is an internally developed procedure, probably by an old-school CFO
who does not trust electronic records.

Sorry - overly harsh on our bean counting friends. But in the end, you
aren't going to get anywhere extracting the register receipts

Now, if you MUST do this, the solution I have used is to use a
keystroke macro program. I was able to "manually" print every receipt
in a "reasonable" amount of time for an overzealous auditor who
apparently did not know how to use a computer. I hit ALT-F12 hundreds
of times to print a series of receipts from a time frame required. It
was not fun, but it did the job.
Jassen (10-05-09, 11:05 PM)
I am trying the plan B as you suggested. At this time the Accounting
department doesn't trust the sub-ledger. I will try again! Your post made
me laugh. Considering we are just about to finish our first physical
inventory with RMS a laugh is a great thing. Thank you!

Ryan (10-06-09, 08:03 PM)
The format of the data in the Journal table is XML. XML that is encrypted
and compressed. The plain-text equivelant is just the RMS Receipt template
with the variables replaced and loop unrolled.

We have created a tool for decompressing/decrypting the journal then renders
it into an image. If you need more information, please drop me an email and
we an discuss.
Dan-902 (10-07-09, 03:55 AM)
We had a similar requirement - after I told them that the printer was a
thermal printer and that THEY would have to photocopy all the receipts - so
that it could be kept for x number of years, we never heard back from them.
But I like "the pounding sand answer better" - good for you Jassen.

"Ryan" <rsakry> wrote in message
giale (12-05-18, 02:06 PM)
Hi Ryan,
I'm using QSRules to create a transaction and journal entry and it requriesto have ReceiptText (in XML i think). So, I'm very excited knowing that you have a tool to decrypt the ReceiptCompressed field into XML. Please contact me at giale. I would love to here responses from you.
On Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at 1:03:00 AM UTC+7, Ryan wrote:
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