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Jeff D (01-11-10, 04:59 PM)
got an ipod for xmas and installed itunes, don't really want to also
maintain my music db in itunes, can I use the ipod with wmp by deleting
Tim De Baets (01-11-10, 07:06 PM)
WMP doesn't have built-in support for iPods, but there are 2 plug-ins
available for this, see

Both plug-ins aren't free. If you don't want to purchase anything, you
could also import your WMP library into Winamp, and use Winamp's free
iPod support to sync.

Jeff D. (01-12-10, 06:09 PM)
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll succumb to the Apple and use iTunes,
probably the easiest route since I've all ready got it installed.

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