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Jairy (10-01-04, 06:46 PM)
Has anyone tried integration of Retail Management System
with Solomon. I received a tech document from MBS
support yesterday explaining how to export an XML file
from RMS HQ and import it to Solomon using GL
Consolidation. I think this will work, but I was
wondering if anyone out there had tried it.
Andrew (10-04-04, 01:39 AM)
We have a client with about 30 locations and 60 POS terminals running RMS.
These are all integrated with Solomon importing the data into the GL.
Hope this helps.

"Jairy" wrote:
Jairy (10-04-04, 05:11 PM)
Thanks Andrew. I appreciate your reply. It does help.

Jairy (10-04-04, 10:27 PM)
Hi Andrew,

If you happen to pick this up, could you contact me
because I have further questions regarding the time
involved. My email is jairy.

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