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Dana D. (04-01-09, 09:23 PM)
I am trying to have a hyperlink point to a filename that will basically stay
the same, but an embedded revision letter (A, B, etc.) will change as the
document is revised.

Is there a way to have the revision as a wildcard, so that the revision will
be igonored and the document will open when the hyperlink is clicked.

For example, one week the filename could be: doc1234-A.doc, then a few weeks
later, the original doc. could be replaced by: doc1234-B.doc

Thanks in advance!
macropod (04-02-09, 01:40 AM)
Hi Dana,

AFAIK, what you're asking really isn't possible - Word must have a specific filename to link to. If using a wildcard was possible,
and more than one revision existed in the folder, Word would have no way of knowing which one to process.
Dana D. (05-19-09, 08:06 PM)
Thank you, macropod. Sorry for this late reply, but was diverted onto other

Only one revision would exist in the 'active' folder at any one time. Older
revisions are moved to another folder.

If there were multiple revisions in the same folder, I suppose Word could
point to the one with the latest date stamp. But it sounds like Word does not
have any functionality in this regard, short of some sort of customization.

Thanks again for your response.


"macropod" wrote:
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