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Lisa (07-07-06, 07:02 PM)

I worked on a word file all day long and did not save it. Then Word crashed
so I lost the file, but the auto save feature is enabled. Is there anyway I
can still recover the file?

Thanks in advance!

garfield-n-odie [MVP] (07-07-06, 10:20 PM)
See .

Also see "How to recover a lost file" in:
Word 2003:
Word 2002:
Word 2000:
Each article has a section on how to access Word's autorecovery

Lisa wrote:
kamalchetri506 (12-03-18, 08:27 AM)
If the auto-save feature was enabled, how could you lose the file?

Anyway, Microsoft Word has a couple of built-in features which you can use here. You can find some useful information in this article -

I hope the shared information would be helpful here.

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