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Angshuman Agarwal (10-11-04, 08:49 AM)
I have written a Windows Service in VB6 and a VB Dll separately. When
I call the DLL normally in VB (i.e. by adding the reference in some
other form) it works fine , but if I try calling the same DLL by
referencing it in my VB6 WINDOWS SERVICE APPLICATION it does not work

Can nebody present his/her views regarding this problem ?

Thx in Advance.
Angshuman Agarwal
Bonj (10-11-04, 10:23 AM)
How have you managed to create a windows service application in VB6? I didn't
know that was possible...

Sahil Malik (10-11-04, 10:31 AM)
A Service is nothing but a plain vanilla exe. Though I suspect he is talking
about an ActiveX Exe.
Also, wish he posted more details cuz what he did post doesn't seem to ring
anything odd. :-/

- Sahil Malik
You can reach me thru my blog

"Bonj" <Bonj> wrote in message
Angshuman Agarwal (10-12-04, 09:18 AM)
Thanks for reply...
My service is a normal windows service application ( the way we write
in C/C++ ). Its not an ActiveX exe.
Somebody has already written a VB service without using NTSVC.ocx
control. I got the help from that only

I am trying to spawn an EXE from my service and then that SPAWNED exe
is in turn having a reference to a DLL. So when the service runs , it
RunTime ERROR 48 "Error Loading DLL"

I tried using CreateProcess as well as VB Shell command.. but dint get
ne success

Ne Idea???
Angshuman Agarwal
in4Velocity Systems Pvt Ltd
Bangalore, India

"Sahil Malik" <contactmethrumyblog> wrote in message news:3288
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