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BW (06-30-05, 06:05 PM)
While working on a word document, the program froze and I was unable to save
the work before I closed the program. In the past, long forgotten lost work
suddenly appeared with another opened docuement as a "reovered file." How do
I intentionally recover an interrupted work?
Suzanne S. Barnhill (06-30-05, 06:16 PM)
If Word doesn't present the lost file as a "Recovered" document the next
time you start, then there's not much chance of recovering it.
kamalchetri506 (12-03-18, 10:44 AM)
If you've lost the Word document before you could save it, you have still fair chances to recover it back. Microsoft Word has a couple of built-in features like "AutoRecover" and "Word Backup". Refer to this article for complete information -

I hope the shared information would be helpful here.

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