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Zer0 (01-21-20, 03:22 AM)
windows 8.1, word 2003

i am working with a document that is about 120-150 pages (unknown a
this time)

i have been changeing the font size and it makes massive jumps in pag
numbers by small changes

I am wondering I am useing microsoft word 2003 and useing the fon
Gabriola which uses some long F's and maybe others.

I was forced to use the setting exactly and 1-2 sizes larger than th
font to make it show it all because without this it was double lined, i
it possible instead of doing that and takeing allot of pages to do so
can i overlap the text from one line to the next, haveing that long
over overlap into other lines or at least partially

or is it possible to greatly reduce the space inbetween lines
makeing changes like this is makeing a desturbing amount more page
Peter T. Daniels (01-21-20, 03:09 PM)
You know how to use "Line Spacing: Exactly." You can set that figure
as low as 1 pt. "12 on 10" is not impossible for normal text.

But do you really have to use a font that takes up so much vertical

On Monday, January 20, 2020 at 9:31:08 PM UTC-5, Zer0 wrote:
Zer0 (01-21-20, 10:54 PM)
if i set the exactly too small it just chops the top and bottom of th
font off, i want to use fancy font i searched and tried all the font
and came up with that one

isn't there a way to have the font to go into the blank space in betwee
the sentences

if not is there a way to make the space in between the sentence

in this way i make the font boundaries bigger(using exact option) whil
making the space in between smalle
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