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MikeG (06-23-04, 05:07 AM)
When typing a message in OE6 sometimes (I don't know why)
I will go up to another line to put in some text between
words and I start losing the next characters that I want
to keep. I see WORD has a way to turn overtype off (I am
assuming that is what is happeneing) but where is the
command in Outlook Express? Or is there not such a
command. If not, can someone tell me how to avoid what is
happening while I am editing around with the cursor??
HELP!!! Mike
Bruce Hagen (06-23-04, 05:13 AM)
It's the Insert Key. It toggles between Insert and Replace. Just tap
it once when that happens.
Richard Goh (06-23-04, 05:16 AM)
Press the "Insert" key on your keyboard. The "Insert" turns off and on
OVERTYPE in OE just as it does in Word.

"MikeG" <anonymous> wrote in message
Ron Sommer (06-23-04, 05:19 AM)
The Insert key toggles overtype off and on.
(In Word also)
MikeG (06-23-04, 05:22 AM)
Boy!!! Thanks a lot Bruce!! How dumb am I anyway. That is
embarrassing but I am glad someone like you takes the time
to help, THANKS!!
Bruce Hagen (06-23-04, 05:27 AM)
You're welcome. Usually the simplest problems are the ones that stump
us all. You're no dummy.
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