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alexandra (03-17-07, 06:48 PM)
I need to do a poster and the 72 print is too small.
Lene Fredborg (03-17-07, 07:08 PM)
Select the text you want to change, type the desired size in the Font Size
field in the Formatting toolbar and press the Return key.

Word allows font sizes up to 1638 point (you may also use 5 as a decimal,
e.g. 42.5).
Kate G. (03-18-07, 02:28 PM)
Just FYI-- 72 is equivalent to 1 inch....

Kathryn G.

"alexandra" <alexandra> wrote in message
challa prabhu (03-23-07, 02:50 PM)

Do the following:

1. Select the word or a charater.
2. Press Ctrl+Shift+>
You will notice that the character increases in size. Continue pressing
the the character stops enlarging, once you reach a font size 1638. You can
also type the fon size directly in Font text box.

Challa Prabhu

"alexandra" wrote:
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