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Antonio Torres (08-18-09, 04:06 PM)
I am preparing a report with Access 2007, and I would like to vertically
center align the cell. I looked in the help section, but I did not find an
Any help?

KARL DEWEY (08-18-09, 05:08 PM)
Open report in design view, click on the text box, right click, scroll down
to Properties and select.
Scroll down to Text Align and select Center.
SuzyQ (08-18-09, 05:28 PM)
I think OP is looking for vertical alignment. Doesn't the align center only
do horizontal alignment?

"KARL DEWEY" wrote:
KARL DEWEY (08-18-09, 07:23 PM)
You are right, I did not read close. Did not consider anyone asking for
vertical movement.
Stephen Lebans (08-19-09, 05:06 AM)

VerticalJustificationA2K.zip is a database containing a function to allow
for vertical centering of the contents of a Label or TextBox control. Works
with both Forms and Reports.
khajeh.farzad (02-11-19, 04:45 PM)
it does not work for earlier version of Office
it will show me this error "the field is too long for this control"

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