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HardySpicer (04-03-10, 01:17 AM)
I have a URL which pops up a screen with the BBC on-line (if you have
the right connection of course). It looks like this

I use a program to pull up this page and it works fine. if I need full
screen there is an embedded media player (Flash) with a button I press
and then use Esc to get out of it back to a smaller screen,

What I require is the ability to pass the info concerning full screen
mode directly through the URL - something like this

(which doesn't work by the way - only a crude guess)

How do I do this? Reason I need this is that I issue a command from
anothre program written in vb.net and the easiest way to do this is by
passing via the URL.

zachd [MSFT] (05-08-10, 02:36 PM)
Use JavaScript to parse the URL and react to any special flags you need. =)
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