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Victor (10-11-04, 08:11 PM)
In reports screen, in the "select" tab, when I try to select a field in the
field list (F3) appears an alias info field EMPTY, How can I fill it ? or Do
I have to modify the tables on Database?

Paul Phillips (10-30-04, 03:18 AM)
See Document 848836. The alias is used if the same table
has been specified more than once in the report.

If you are looking to add a "friendly" name of fields for
users, you can set it in Crystal Reports. Either use the
existing formula or create a new one called "ROISelect":

Format rules for the formula:
Include,ReportRecord.Field,{DBRecord},{LogicalReco rd} or
Exclude,ReportRecord.Field,{DBRecord},{LogicalReco rd}

The optional value of {Logical Record} is the alias you
want to appear.

Instructions on how to do this are in the reporting user
guide pdf (siv_rptgd.pdf) page 59. But Crystal has a limit
of 255 bytes on formulas, and this method required
explicit declaration of all fields to appear in
Sort/Select. It could limit the number of fields available
to the user in Sort/Select.

Victor (11-01-04, 04:35 PM)
Thanks a lot Paul.

"Paul Phillips" wrote:
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