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PCSoothsayer (10-31-07, 11:02 PM)
Currently in an office LAN. Windows 2003 server acting as file-server & dc.
Have Windows Update Server installed. Approving all updates. Recently (this
past week) users have been complaining of receiving a "sharing violation"
error when trying to save their document to a private network share.

I have confirmed, no other users have this file open. I have checked that
the user does not have the file opened more than once. This is having
sporadically and has thus far only affected Windows XP users with Office 2003

All PCs are up to date with all latest patches and service packs (WSUS).

Anyone else experiencing this? My initial thought is perhaps its a bug in
one of the latest MS patches for Excel or something..

Mussell (11-01-07, 02:47 PM)
I have the same issues with a couple users here. We have the same exact
environment as well. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you.

"PCSoothsayer" wrote:
HFJ (11-02-07, 11:37 AM)
"PCSoothsayer" wrote:
HFJ (11-02-07, 11:40 AM)
We have the same problem, researched alot on the net to find a solution.
Seems we are not the only one that has the same problem.

Have not been able to find a solution yet.

"HFJ" wrote:
PCSoothsayer (11-02-07, 06:52 PM)
I've looked on the net too but all the answers I have found are old articles
from early this year or before. The more I hear about other people just
starting to have this issue, the more I think that it is some sort of bug
with one of the latest Windows or Office updates...

It would be great if anyone could find some sort of solution...

"HFJ" wrote:
PCSoothsayer (11-09-07, 09:23 PM)
Has anyone figured out what the cause of this is?

"PCSoothsayer" wrote:
Schooner (12-04-07, 09:58 PM)
We are having the same problems that you have described in our network which
has a mix of office 2002 and 2003 and the issue is only showing up on the
units with 2003 installed. Have you had any luck solving this one?

"PCSoothsayer" wrote:
DT1 (01-02-08, 08:36 PM)
I too am having random sharing violation messages for my users. In the
last 2-3 months I've had 3 people report this problem. I verified
account permissions and made sure Network Service had adequate
permissions. The first time I saw what was happening I created the
user a new profile and this cleared thing up for 3 or 4 days and then
it started all over again. The 3 people are only reporting problems
with 5-6 different files and we have changed the names of the files,
created a new files and moved the contents and made sure the file
server and PC were up to date on patches.
Any ideas? Or has fix been found?
Schooner (01-02-08, 10:13 PM)
I don't know if this will help in your situation but I tracked down the
approximate time frame the sharing violations started and found the only
major change to the computers was the installation of windows desktop search
through windows update. I have removed this from the PC's having the
problems and so far the errors have stopped for the last three weeks. I
guess the background "indexing" of the desktop search was causing problems in
the way office saved files.

"DT1" wrote:
DT1 (01-07-08, 10:41 PM)
Thanks Schooner, I just deleted the windows desktop from the startup
folder, rebooted the PC's in question and have had no problems for 3
days now. By removing it from the startup folder and not letting it run
on the task bar was good enough. Didn't have to uninstall it. It does
its indexing while running from the taskbar. Again thanks, That's one
of those peksy problems that keep us in a job I guess.
jkiel (01-17-08, 07:20 PM)
I also removed the Windows Desktop Search from the startup folder an
that has removed our issues as well.

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you
mustaqz (10-28-09, 11:39 AM)
i also had same issue. this happened to me after upgrading kaspersk
2009 to latest version 2010. my machine is bit old may be the minimu
requirement of kaspersky 2010 not met. i reinstalled kaspersky 200
version which solved the problem.this happens because anti-viru
software scans the files before saving ms-office 2007 in 97-200
format.better go for lite anti-virus software
pavlocanedor (06-05-19, 12:38 AM)
On Wednesday, 31 October 2007 15:02:02 UTC-6, PCSoothsayer wrote:
> Anyone else experiencing this? My initial thought is perhaps its a bug in
> one of the latest MS patches for Excel or something..
> Thanks.

Same Issue
😉 Good Guy 😉 (06-05-19, 09:31 PM)
On 04/06/2019 23:38, pavlocanedor wrote:
> On Wednesday, 31 October 2007 15:02:02 UTC-6, PCSoothsayer wrote:
> Same Issue

You've got the same problem as that of PCSoothsayer who died by blowing
himself up because nobody posted anything since October 2007 until you
found his post from Google archive.

So now tell us what are you going to do about this serious problem? Do
you intend to commit suicide? please tell us so that appropriate
solution can be given here.

Good luck.