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goatbernard (09-05-09, 05:49 PM)

my server yesterday night reboot unexpectedly, and i found in the event
viewer the following error code:
Event ID 1076 Reason Code: 0xa000000 server unexpected reboot

can someone advice me what happen?
Ben (12-03-09, 11:48 PM)
I have the sama problem ?

"goatbernard" wrote:
Peter Foldes (12-04-09, 12:43 AM)
2 1\2 year old post and you are adding to it

See the following

abhinitkayastha (01-13-20, 05:25 PM)
Event id 1076
Source user32
Reason code 0xa000000

Not solved
ivannavieira96 (03-02-20, 07:40 PM)
Eswaneli Vieira Pinheiro conta corrente
Conta. 7348-2
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