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Justice Allah (07-28-04, 04:07 AM)
We've been using Solomon 4.5 as our accounting data base and a software
called Efficiency to do our Time and Expense. We are upgrading to Solomon
5.5 and was told that Efficiency will not work with this version of Solomon.
Anybody out there know about this? We would like to hold on to Efficiency
because it's simple and it works. The option we have is Solomon Desktop.
Desktop does not fit our time reporting needs because of the approval of
time based on the projects.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Even if you can point to a
link that would help I would appreciate it very much.


Jah Ruler
Carolyn (08-11-04, 06:19 PM)
I have not heard of Efficiency but I know of at least one
Time Tracking software that works with Solomon 4.5. It
is called TimeTrack for Solomon and you can get more
information from sales.
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