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Libor Striz (01-01-70, 02:00 AM)

I use for the terrestrial TV broadcast DVB-T(MPEG2)
USB dongle from Leadtek, after some prior struggles.

My country started transition to DVB-T2(H265). In my
understanding, DVB-T dongle are not capable to process DVB-T2

Are there USB DVB-T2 dongle vendors a/o models,
recommended for usage with Linux Mint (Cinnamon),
regarding available drivers and easy setting ?
anderazabal (12-22-18, 04:52 AM)
El martes, 10 de abril de 2018, 7:29:23 (UTC+2), Libor Striz escribió:
> Libor Striz aka Poutnik ( a pilgrim/wanderer/wayfarer)
> ----Android NewsGroup Reader----

Yes, I am using this one:

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