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Michael Freitter (04-18-10, 03:53 PM)

I want to enter a calendar month in the duration field and the duration is
really one month and not only 20 woking days.

E.g. start is the 1. April. Duration of 1 calendar month. The end is the 30.
April and not the 28.

Can I so configurate the MS-Project?

Thank you!
Rob Schneider (04-18-10, 04:22 PM)
I'm guessing that what you want is 30 "elapsed" days from 1 April to 30
April? So, just enter "30ed" in the duration field. You can read more
about "elapsed" days (which cross over working days as defined by the
calendar) in Help.


On 18/04/10 14:53, Michael Freitter wrote:
Michael Freitter (04-18-10, 05:31 PM)

thank you for the information, but the "30ed" is not the solution.
The april was only an example. The "calendar month" should be independent
from month (February=28 days; april=30 days).

E.g. I have a task start at 1. Feb. and duration is one calendar-month (=28
elapsed days)
This task shift to the 1. March. The duration shall automated recalculated
to 31 elapsed days without manually step by the user.

Clearly, 28 days duration is not 31 days duration, but by a rude
time-estimation, this is exactly enough.

Have you a idea?

Thank you!

"Rob Schneider" wrote:
Rob Schneider (04-18-10, 05:37 PM)
Far as I know, Project doesn't know how many real days there are in
every month. Hence I don't think you can do what you want unless you
make all days in a month work days. Perhaps make one calendar that way
and assign that task to that calendar?

For many years, avoid this complexity by always thinking of task
durations in days and never use weeks and months (or anything else)
because I always forget what a week and month actually means.


On 18/04/10 16:31, Michael Freitter wrote:
Steve House (04-19-10, 03:38 PM)
Project ALWAYS measures duration in working time minutes, as defined by the
working-time calendar. The ability to enter durations in hours, days,
weeks, or months are only for user convenience and those units must be
converted to minutes for storage in the database. So the answer to your
question is no, it is not possible to enter a duration in months and have a
task starting on a certain day of the month end at the end of the day on the
day preceeding that day of the month in the following month. It is
impossible to have 1 month task starting, say 15 Feb end on 14 Mar or
starting on 15 Apr end on 14 Jun.

Remember duration is defined as the number of calendar working time units
between when work begins on a task and when work is completed. It has
nothing whatsoever to do with the 24-hour days we use to measure the passage
of time in everyday llfe.
martijn vissers (02-20-12, 11:31 AM)
I have found that there is also the EMONS possibility in projects that accounts for elapsed months...this should solve the issue
petralian (11-28-18, 05:58 AM)
use 1 emon to use 1 calendar month.
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