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Suit (09-16-05, 06:32 AM)
I am having trouble printing a document that has landscape and portrait pages
in it, all pages are printing in portrait, any ideas?
Joe McGuire (09-16-05, 02:44 PM)
You haven't provided much detail but you have to be sure you have a section
break immediately preceding the change in page layout, i.e., at the very end
of the part of your document using the layout you now wish to change. That
change remains in effect until the next section break. To insert a section
break select Insert, Break and under Section Break Types select Next Page.
The new page layout (portrait, landscape) starts on, well, the next page.
Hope this helps.

"Suit" <Suit> wrote in message
CyberTaz (09-16-05, 03:31 PM)
Hi Suit-

It may be that your printer doesn't actually like to change orientation
during a job. Make sure you have the latest driver installed & reinstall it
even if it is the latest... print drivers do go sour.

In the meantime, you might try just printing the L pages, then printing the
P pages by using the 'Pages:' option in the Page Range section of the Print
dialog box. You'll still have to put the doc together manually, but at least
you can get the job out that way.

HTH |:>)

"Suit" wrote:
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